Client Policies


Estimates must be approved by signature or email prior to project start.

Estimate rate is valid 30 days from the date issued.

Project timelines are based on estimate approval. A delay in approval from the date the estimate is presented means a delay in the timelines by at least the length of the delay in approval.

A project cannot commence without receiving the required assets from the client. The project start date will be determined based on the date all required assets are received.

Estimates may vary by +/-10%.

A charge of 1% for disbursement costs will be added to all estimates with the following exceptions:

  • Jobs totalling lower than $1,000
  • Jobs with retainer clients
  • Jobs consisting of only external expenses
  • Jobs consisting of only external expenses and agency fees

Unless otherwise stated, estimates do not include large disbursement costs related to travel, etc. External expenses such as, but not limited to, font licenses, stock photography, media booking, web hosting, travel, laser copies, colour copies, couriers, long-distance telephone, fax, etc. are in addition to our estimated fees. Disbursements and external costs will be charged back at cost plus a 20% administrative fee.

In order to make the most efficient use of time, all of our estimates are built under the presumption that all meetings pertaining to the project will be hosted at the Chatterson office. Travel expenses are NOT included in the cost of estimates. Any off-site meetings will be subject to a minimum of 2 hours travel time for each Chatterson team member in attendance at their hourly rate ($130-$165/hr) above and beyond the costs outlined in the estimate. To avoid these charges, all meetings can be held at the Chatterson office, where resources and team members can be pulled in as required.

Should the scope of a project change from the signed estimate, the client will be sent a revised estimate outlining any change in fees and timelines. Budget revisions may result from overtime initiated at the client’s request or made necessary beyond the control of Chatterson, including: the introduction of additional deliverables; incorporating new concepts after the presentation of preliminary ideas; revisions after final draft approval; more than two rounds of revisions; and deviation from the agreed-upon schedule. All additional costs exceeding the original estimate will be discussed with the client before work commences and costs are incurred.

Billing Terms

Chatterson will bill 25% of all projects up front.

For any projects to be completed in less than 30 days, 50% of the project will be billed up front.

Due to heavy front-end project management and external costs, 50% of all Chatterson Motion estimates will be billed up front. 

All 360 tours will be billed 100% up front. 

The remainder of estimates will be progress-billed at 50%, 75% and 100% of completion.

GST will be added to the invoice total.

Terms of payment are 30 days from the date of the invoice.

Our time is our currency. If work outside of the original scope of the estimate causes an increase in hours, this time will be billed on a new or revised estimate. Whenever possible, these situations will be discussed with and approved by the client prior to additional work commencing.

For creative projects, external production costs are generally not included within the cost of the estimate, and will be billed separately and in full upon approval. However, for research and Motion projects, external costs are generally included within the estimate. Regarding external expenses, in most cases supplier partners will invoice Chatterson unless otherwise pre-emptively arranged. These external expenses will be billed to the client on a separate invoice with a 20% administration fee.

Project postponement: Chatterson accepts work carefully planning resources to execute the project within the set timelines. This means that once a project is approved, we make time in our schedule for it. Should the client choose to postpone work, Chatterson will invoice for the total of the current project phase and await the project restart. A revised workback schedule will be provided at project restart. 


Generally, Chatterson accounts for 1-3 days for client review (depending on the project type and overall timelines) after we present our work to the client. It is as important for the client to adhere to these timelines in order to meet the milestones that follow. Delays in revision feedback and approvals will shift the timelines of the rest of the project by a minimum of the number of days the revisions were delayed, potentially more, as Chatterson will not push the workflow of other client projects to make up for these delays.

Our standard estimates include one round of major revisions and one round of minor revisions. A major revision occurs after the initial project presentation and includes consolidated feedback on creative concepts and strategy. A minor revision consists of final small tweaks. If additional rounds of revisions are required, additional charges will be incurred at a rate of $140/hr.

The client must outline who from their team will have revision and approval authority. Chatterson recommends that no more than three people have revision authority.

To reduce redundant work and additional rounds of revisions, we will not work on revisions until we have consolidated feedback from all members of the client team who have revision and approval authority.

In the case of television broadcast distribution of video content, last-minute changes may cause the missing of a media-buy deadline. This is due to the involvement of third-party aggregators that legally, according to CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) regulations, must distribute the provided content, and their timelines are out of Chatterson Motion’s control. 

Project Completion

Final files will be delivered to the client in the pre-discussed final file format. Individual assets and working files are not released unless outlined as a deliverable in the initial project scope, or a licencing arrangement is agreed upon. Chatterson reserves the right to exclusivity on all working and raw files, encompassing all creative design, written content, video and photographic content. Under certain circumstances, Chatterson is open to discretionary licensing agreements.

Usage of creative and copyright: upon project completion, Chatterson will retain full copyright of all final design, and reserves the right to submit the final creative to relevant award competitions, and use the final creative for marketing purposes in print, online or in person.

Chatterson reserves exclusive ownership of any backend code developed for a project and is not obliged to provide code unless agreed upon from the project outset. Under certain circumstances, Chatterson is open to discretionary licensing agreements.