2021 has been an interesting year that has given us the opportunity to work on some fun, inspiring and engaging projects for a variety of clients and industries. Below are some themes and trends that became prevalent this year and will give some insight as to what to expect for 2022.


UX focused web design has been at the forefront of 2021. Big societal changes this year have created an intense desire for companies to ensure their online presence is user-friendly, showcases their brand in the best possible light and hosts all the information their client would want to explore, now that in-person interactions are lower or non-existent. SEO has also become more important than ever with a new website launch to ensure users can easily find you and not just your competition.

We have had the pleasure of working on many websites this year that embody these characteristics, all on the cusp of launch. Stay tuned to our social media for a look at these sites as they launch in the new year.

Brand Refreshes

This last year has given companies a chance to do some self-reflecting about who they are and how they are showcasing themselves to the world. This has led to brand refreshes being a big part of what we have worked on for clients throughout 2021.

A rebrand can officiate renewed company goals, integrate core values and the pillars of your organization, reflect a change in your organization or work as a way to showcase some new products or services that you have decided to focus on. It offers you an opportunity to reintroduce your brand on a broader scale, to freshen up your brand to attract new customers or re-engage current ones. For more information about our brand process, check out our blog dedicated to the topic.

Here is some of our favourites from the last year:

Socially Conscious Design

Now more than ever it’s important to consider your audience and really speak to them. Authentic representation, celebrating diversity and imperfection is becoming more prevalent in brand photography. Just having a look through any stock site such as iStock or Shutterstock you will notice more diversity amongst the people and relationships displayed. To truly speak to your audience, you have to be in touch with who they are, what’s important to them and what is happening in their lives.

Digital Over Print

This year more than any we have seen a push to the digital. Usually, a well-balanced diet of print and digital is part of any good campaign but with people interacting more online than in-person, digital is king. Companies are wanting eye-catching campaigns that utilize bright fun colours mixed with a clean simplicity to stand out against the clutter. A trend we think will continue into 2022.

Here are a few eye-catching layouts we have created this past year.

Stay tuned to our Instagram and check out our portfolio for a look at the who, where, what Chatterson is creating.