Thinking about advertising on radio, TV or out of home? If you’ve got a great business and brand, and are ready to tell the world about it, these traditional media options are a great place to pro-actively get your message out.

When preparing to deploy your message through these channels, it’s important to consider the dos and don’ts of traditional media advertising. If you want to maximize the impact of your message to the audience, here are some common mistakes to avoid and some expert tips to help you connect.

Don’t: Buy the Station or Billboard You Like the Best

It may be tempting to assume your customers are just like you, but when it comes to getting your message out there, it’s important to be open to finding the right audience rather than the billboard you always drive past, or the radio station you listen to. You might love that classic rock radio station that reminds you of your teenage years, but if you’re targeting a younger demo, your message might fit better on a top 40 station. The good news is audience demographic data is available and you can get expert advice from Chatterson to guide you on where to deploy your message.

Do: Target Your Audience (As Much as Possible)

Traditional media channels such as radio, TV and out of home (billboard ads) rely on survey data to identify the audiences that get exposure to their messages. It’s important to know who you want to target with your message before sending your message out. Take some time to think about your ideal customer and identify the demographics they represent. For example, an entry-level home buyer may be a young man or woman with a lower income, perhaps with young children or who recently wed. An estate home buyer may be a mature man or woman, likely in a high-income bracket with teenaged children, who is an owner, manager or professional within their business.

While traditional media tends to reach a larger and more diverse audience, if your target demographic is well represented there, it could be a great place to advertise. Not sure how to start? Contact us to explore how we can help you make the best choice for your business.

Don’t: Talk About the Obvious, or Use Cliches

Been in business a long time? Offer friendly service? Lowest price guarantees? Free parking? People expect a minimum standard from the businesses they buy from, and these minimums are met by almost every successful business. Customers expect credibility, reputation, friendly service, reasonable prices and that they shouldn’t have to pay to shop with you. Talking about the expected is like writing a dating profile that says you have arms, legs, and a head… those are not surprising or particularly compelling talking points.

Do: Create a Compelling Message

Creating a compelling message may be the most challenging variable in the marketing formula. With traditional media channels, what you’re really investing in, is the opportunity to speak to a large number of people. Instead of envisioning a radio commercial, imagine you’re on a stage with an audience of a few thousand people. Someone hands you a megaphone, and you have 30 seconds to convince those people to buy something from you. What are you going to say to get people to take action? What makes your products or services different, better, or urgently needed? The best creative invokes an emotional response and sometimes urgent action. A cosmetic dental clinic may tap into the very emotional pain of hiding a smile in wedding photos or being unable to land a job due to missing or discolored teeth. Imagining being confident, looking beautiful in photos or landing that job may be real motivators for contacting the dental clinic. If you need help creating a story around your product, our team of expert creatives are standing by to help you. Contact us today to get started.

Don’t: Buy the Wrong Frequency or Tactic Due to Budget

Budget is an important consideration in any campaign, and the pressures that come with it can sometimes cause advertisers to reduce the frequency, reach and persistence of their campaign. If you’re dealing with a limited budget, it’s important to consider the nature of your message. A low cost, universally appealing product like $1 coffee might be simple enough that very few messages to a huge amount of people pays off, especially when they add a breakfast wrap to their order. But for a larger purchase like appliances, vehicles or homes, speaking to a smaller number of people many times to reinforce your message and tell a story is the better tactic. Regardless of your product, if you don’t reach enough people with persistence, you’re better not to invest at all than to make a weak impression.

Do: Budget for the Recommended Frequency, Campaign Length and Inventory

Traditional mediums are proactive tactics, meaning you are pushing your message out rather than responding to an inquiry like you might with search engine marketing or retargeting with digital display ads. Since you’re making an introduction to people to talk about your brand, services, or products, it’s important to get them familiar, and then comfortable with your brand. Think about a first introduction with a person; how long might it take to become comfortable enough with them to go on a date or more? Various traditional mediums have many x factors, for billboards it may be whether they are on a main highway or a less travelled road. For TV or radio, it may come down to their programming – are people binging on the station? Or are they surfing around? Those factors will contribute to how many times your audience is exposed to your message.

Additionally, it is important to buy the right tactics and inventory. If you have a complicated message and need to educate your customer, you may need a longer commercial on radio or TV, rather than a simple and static message on a billboard.

Chatterson’s team of experts have combined decades of experience in refining target audiences, creating compelling messages and deploying campaigns across the right media tactics to make sure your message reaches your audience the right number of times to garner the response you want. Contact us today to explore how Chatterson can guide you to making connections with the customers who need you.