Coming soon: Chatterson’s North America-Wide Real Estate Report. Find out how the top real estate companies in North America are tackling lead generation in 2020. 

In the next few weeks you’ll be able to read in greater detail about how North America’s top real estate developers are tackling marketing and lead generation in 2020. Chatterson’s survey went out to 5000 people in the industry across Canada and the United States seeking input on what’s holding them back and how they plan to drive their business forward.  

One key takeaway we can share now is that nearly a quarter of top real estate developers are looking at ways to better integrate event marketing into their real estate marketing strategy. They have a good reason to ramp up their events: they produce excellent leads. Getting your brand directly in front of people in a physical way, and creating positive associations with your brand through fun and entertainment is incredibly effective.  

Event Marketing Driving Lead Gen 

Event marketing is such a successful tactic when it comes to selling anything from condo units and single-family homes to larger communities as a whole because it delivers the number one thing you should be looking for: Foot traffic. Your audience wants to see what they’re buying at some point along their path to purchase. The sooner you can get them in the door, the sooner you can get them dreaming about living there. The real estate developers we surveyed agreed, with 4/5 already incorporating event marketing into their current marketing plan. Over 1/3 view this initiative as one of the most successful strategies in their roster. 

Community events are especially good at drawing in a crowd that may not have ever considered living in your neighbourhood or homes. You’ve given them a reason to spend time in the community you’re selling (the neighbourhood is a huge part of people’s decision to buy or not), and they may not have even been in the market for a new home until they fell in love with the area.  

Events such as festivals, markets, celebrations and even food-based activities are excellent low-stress environments for the entire family. It can be a simple, uncomplicated day of fun for mom, dad and the kids that requires minimal planning. If everything goes right, your audience will not only remember your brand well, they’ll remember it in an extremely positive light.  

Word of mouth is another excellent byproduct of event marketing. The buzz around your event can begin months before the actual day as long as you’re advertising properly. Get people excited and talking about your brand and the big event. Then get them to come down and enjoy themselves. And for weeks and months afterwards they’ll still be telling their friends and family about the wonderful time they had. Word of mouth marketing is a tantalizing and deeply effective tactic. In a recent research report Chatterson prepared for a homebuilder, we discovered that 1/3 of homebuyers found their chosen builder through a referral from friends and family.  

Now that you know how important event marketing is and you’re ready to get started promoting your community, Chatterson can help create the type of event that will propel your business.   

Tips for Bombastic Event Marketing 

1. Make it Instagram-worthy  

Don’t just design the heck out of the marketing for your event and call it a day. Come up with a theme and carry it through every element of the day. If it’s a winter carnival, bring in enormous ice sculptures that people will want to photograph and share. If it’s a summer craft fair, make the location and setting idyllic and ‘gram-worthy. Elevate the desirability of your event and give people a reason to share their experience online. Later, your photos from the event and other people’s photos can be used in promotional materials for your community, showcasing a vibrant and exciting place to live. 

2. Hire influencers to attend 

Invite local influencers to enjoy your event for a small fee in order to reach their social media audience. Whether they’re huge on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter (or all of them and more), influencers are a great resource for brands to engage because they come pre-loaded with thousands or even millions of followers who trust and like them. By inviting a local influencer to your event, you’re delivering an exponentially greater number of views to your brand. Selecting the right person to promote your event isn’t easy though, you need to find someone who lines up with your brand values and will represent your event the way you intend.  

3. Run an on-site social media contest 

This can be as simple as having a few gift certificates to give away or gift baskets donated from local vendors. Reach out to local businesses in the neighbourhood that might donate small items and compile them into a basket to be given away. You can make entry into the contest incredibly simple: just ask attendees to share a photo of their experience on-site and use the hashtag you’ve provided. The simpler the hashtag and the simpler the rules for entry, the more people will enter. Contests are excellent ways to generate buzz about your brand which translates into a greater following on social media (read why social media will be king in 2020), greater reach online, and ultimately greater leads for your homes.  

In our eleven years in business, Chatterson has developed community events that not only bring more leads in the short term, these events garner significant attention online and in the news, which results in months of good publicity and earned media. Part of the secret to our success is ensuring every little detail is taken care of before the big day, and the only way to know what to look for in terms of pitfalls and possible conundrums, is experience.  

Have any questions about event marketing and how to create the perfect day for your community or building? Reach out now. 

You can also see some of our work in action. Below are examples of community events Chatterson has successfully developed and executed for our clients: 

The Community of Currie: Circle CarnivalThe Currie Frostival, & Currie Easter Egg Hunt 

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