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Chatterson’s North America-Wide Real Estate Report.

Find out how the top real estate companies in North America are tackling lead generation in 2020.  

Read about the top challenges, strategies and opportunities for marketing and lead generation that Real Estate companies are facing this year. 

We surveyed over 5,000 people in the industry across Canada and the United States seeking input on what’s holding them back and how they plan to drive their business forward this year.  

Spoiler alert: digital marketing came up a lot in our survey results, and no wonder: it’s viewed as the most successful initiative after social media (learn more about that here), and a quarter of top real estate developers are looking at ways to better integrate digital marketing into their overall strategy.  

Other highlights were the importance of SEO, measurement, and overall strategic direction.  


Homebuyers’ purchase journey often starts with the Google search bar, and optimizing your SEO and SEM ensures your website is visible to those searching for homes that you offer, in the cities and communities where you build. 90% of searchers haven’t made their mind up about a brand before starting their search (Status Labs, 2018), providing the opportunity to capture leads that top builders are getting through high rankings and strategic digital ads on the search result page.  

SEM (paid ads) are most effective when used alongside SEO tactics, further driving qualified leads immediately, while SEO tactics improve your brand and drives leads over time. Searchers who visit a website after clicking on a paid ad are 50 percent more likely to make a purchase compared to visitors who clicked on an organic search result (Wordlead, 2019). 


Almost half of top home builders see measurement as the biggest challenge when driving qualified traffic and leads to their sales centres and communities. It’s important to perform continuous measurement of all media platforms – both digital and traditional – in addition to industry specific indicators including leads, show home traffic and sales, allowing you to see what channels and campaigns are resulting in the largest impact. And most importantly, allowing you to adjust spend with confidence. 

Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is highly nimble and measurable. Chatterson Express (CX) memberships offer a digital marketing performance dashboard to report across Facebook, Google and more. 


Almost half of top home builders stated they’re looking for new channel recommendations or new ideas to improve their marketing efforts and drive more leads. There are endless digital and traditional marketing opportunities – trust the experts on what works for your brand, your project and your campaign.  

At Chatterson, we focus on research first: understanding the demographics, life stage and media preferences of households in the project or community catchment area, allowing us to tailor our disruptive strategies with precision. 

Learn more about how top builders are looking to improve their marketing efforts this year: 

We can help 

Ensuring your online identity is consistent is key as you expand your digital marketing efforts.

Chatterson will evaluate your website and digital presence through a complimentary, no-obligation digital brand audit. These audits will show you how you stack up against your competition, if your digital presence is accurate or missing information as simple as a phone number, how you’re performing on social media, and identifies any areas on your website that need to be updated.  

From the audit, we can understand what terms buyers are using to find your website, and your competitors, terms we can implement in your SEO and SEM strategies to capture more leads.  

Have questions about digital marketing and how to create an effective online presence for your community or project? Reach out for a free consultation.