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The South’s New Urban Core

Not just another Calgary community, Seton aimed to innovate the idea of what community means and create a dynamic place where people could really come together.

They reached out to Chatterson to help bring this vision to life.

getting the word out

With Seton poised to become a central urban hub of south Calgary, we knew we’d need a strategic brand backed by an inspired suite of collateral and a unique plan to introduce Seton to the city. Properly communicating the vision of this vibrant new community was key.

First and foremost, Seton needed a strong brand to bring it to life. We explored several options for conveying the energy and light of this great community, and ultimately, with equity built up from Seton’s commercial sector, which had been in development for 10 years, we opted to update and refresh the existing logo.

hello, colour

Bringing in a bright, engaging palette reflective of the area’s energy, Chatterson developed a unique colour system to speak to the different product types within the community and aid with wayfinding efforts.

app-titude is everything

Once we had built up awareness of the community, we knew the masses would be flocking to check it out, and we needed to make sure they were able to find their way around. We’re acutely aware of how frustrating it can be for visitors to navigate a new community when Google doesn’t have the maps yet, so in addition to creating a pathing and signage plan, Chatterson developed a custom app to direct people to the show homes and key area amenities. Crisis averted.

a custom app helps people find their way from any part of the community

this is the place

Supplemental and key to driving traffic into the community was designing and producing an engaging, interactive sales centre where visitors could learn more about the community and the buying opportunity.

the rules of attraction

Once the community had a great brand and was ready to welcome anyone driving through it, we had to channel more traffic to come and check it out. So we began with a guerilla teaser campaign that aligned with a kick-off event in the community.

pedal powered

Bikes were strategically placed around Calgary with calls to enter in our bike giveaway contest. This campaign was supported by online and print creative that encouraged people to look for the bikes around the city.

a guerilla campaign saw great interaction from calgarians on social media

fueling a growing movement

Following the success of the bike campaign, a more robust community awareness campaign was rolled out in various mediums across Calgary.

rolling right along

Chatterson continues to fuel traffic and sales, working closely with Seton on their brand and community initiatives.

Nothing keeps us pushing further and achieving more than seeing our clients succeed – because when they win, we win.

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